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What does it mean to live well and how is it connected to dying well?

Religion, philosophy, our culture and our environment can offer some answers but decisions about how you live your life rest ultimately with you.

About Us

What do we mean when we talk about “dying well”?  Well, this is one of life’s greatest questions.  Again, our view on death and dying is shaped by our beliefs, our culture and how we experience the end of life.

Here at Living Well Dying Well we explore some of these themes and offer insights and connections for further information and support.  We also look at what the Catholic Church says about death and explores its traditions around dying, death and life beyond the present realm.

Living Well Dying Well is a collaboration of Catholic parishes and agencies working with palliative care services to enhance these services through the provision of volunteers. These volunteers accompany sick people and their families, and offer them presence, and support that complements and supplements beyond the professional care delivered by doctors, nurses and allied health professionals that form the bedrock of these services.

Living Well Dying Well is thus a Catholic program which aims to enhance the journey of people who are sick and may be approaching their end of life. It seeks to form a caring and compassionate community around these people, support them more fully, respond to their needs and help their families with the care that is needed.

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