What does it mean to live well and how is it connected to dying well?  Religion, philosophy, our culture and our environment can offer some answers but decisions about how you live your life rest ultimately with you.

Living Well Dying Well is a collaboration of Catholic agencies including: St Vincent’s Health, Catholic Cemeteries & Crematoria, Grief Care, CatholicCare Sydney, CatholicCare Broken Bay and the University of Notre Dame, Australia.

Living Well Dying Well explores the themes around living well and dying well, offers some insights and connections for further information and support.

Volunteers form a caring and compassionate community around those who have a serious and life limiting illness, to offer specific support, respond to their needs and help their families with any of the care that is needed.

A message from Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP

In the Acts of the Apostles, we read that the first Christians, we’re a tight knit but ever growing community. They held everything in common and looked after each other physically and spiritually. Caring for the poor, orphaned and especially widows who were isolated, elderly or dying.

While we no longer live in such proximity, Christians are still called to be a community of care. The launch of Living Well Dying Well marks an important step along that path.

The challenge for this generation is to help each other find meaning in the face of suffering, compassion that just does the hard caring, even when there’s no quick fix, and a richer sense of responsibility beyond the culture of out of sight, out of mind.

It’s my hope that Living Well Dying Well will inspire many more to take up that challenge. God bless you.

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Introducing Living Well Dying Well

Introducing Living Well Dying Well

Introducing - a helpful resource for people with life-limiting illnesses, their families and anyone supporting others in their final stages of life.  Living Well Dying Well...

Mark Phillips, CEO CatholicCare Sydney

Mark Phillips, CEO
CatholicCare Sydney

Living Well, Dying Well is the promotion of a Christian approach to death and dying that will assist people to have less fear of death and to regard it as a normal part of life. Our hope is that people die in a state of grace, reconnected with God and at peace with others.


Supporting someone who is dying

It is a natural instinct to help a dying family member or friend.

Your care, empathy and compassion shown in practical support will be challenged in witnessing their suffering. At the same time we may worry if we are doing the “right thing” in meeting the needs of the person who is dying and not causing harm or distress. As a result, you may be unsure about how best to help.

As someone who is important to your loved one, you may find yourself being a central part of their final days. As a result, you may be unsure about how best to help.


Catholic prayers and reflection

Prayer and reflection is at the heart of Catholic experience, in life and death.

The following may provide hope, encouragement, and perhaps a source of deeper and further understanding as death draws closer.


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