Karen Borg, CEO
Catholic Healthcare

The collaborative ‘Living Well Dying Well’ program will provide valuable support for people with serious and advancing illness.  It provides compassionate care for these individuals, their families and friends through to the end of life. 

Catholic Healthcare’s Mission is to promote life, inspired by the Catholic Tradition. We look forward to continuing to support this important work.

Karen Borg, CEO, Catholic Healthcare


These Living Well Dying Well resources will help you support someone in your network who is facing death.

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Mark Phillips, CEO CatholicCare Sydney

Mark Phillips, CEO
CatholicCare Sydney

Living Well, Dying Well is the promotion of a Christian approach to death and dying that will assist people to have less fear of death and to regard it as a normal part of life. Our hope is that people die in a state of grace, reconnected with God and at peace with others.

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